a new video

In other news, there still are no good wars in Club Penguin army.  Because wars are just too short. We pull out of them way too fast.

But I’m not feeling like posting.


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1 Response to “a new video”

  1. 1 Frothe September 26, 2009 at 4: 16 pm

    I am working on a story about the old CPAF. I talked to Db penguin (Dani) and Gargle both CPAF members if you want to catch them on chat here is the link.


    I dont think they play CP any more but they do stay in touch with each other.

    The last Nacho war was fun but it lasted only 2 days. Why cant we have a nice long war it would help all the armies rebuild. Oh well. Waddle On!

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Hello, welcome

This is Tomtwelve's old site for Club Penguin, which is no longer posted on. Tomtwelve's posts were unique compared to other Club Penguin "cheat" sites: they only gave short sentences on secrets in Club Penguin, but Tomtwelve's posts offered entertainment, which is how any true blog will run. This site has barely been altered, so you can see it in all its glory and whatnot. Comments from new users are still held for moderation, and will be approved in a matter of time. As for the possibility of this site ever going back to doing Club Penguin news again, that is unlikely, as it would be too hard to find someone worthy of succeeding Tomtwelve. They would not have his style of posting. Because most people only care about hits, which do not give you anything when you are a kid.


From this point forward, all of the text has been left as it was originally, before Tomtwelve stopped posting.


Hey! Welcome to the Club Penguin Dojo! Originally, it was named the Dojo because it was a "training center" for Club Penguin secrets and cheats and whatnot. No longer do I give Club Penguin cheats, but you can go through the archives and find a few! What I give here is Club Penguin news!! I don't just type the exact same thing that's in the Club Penguin blog or newspaper. I make it all exciting and stuff! Do I get less hits this way? Sure. Do I care? Not really. So hopefully, you will enjoy the site even if you have to go somewhere else to find the new pin. But really, is it so hard to do it yourself?


There are some comments that are banned from this site. And these are those questions and the answer that I will give to these comments. And when it comes to commenting, by the way, your first comment on the site has to be approved by me for you to make any more comments to your desire. Anyway, here are the banned comments. Comment: Hey! I will add you to my blogroll if you add me to mine! Answer: No!! For one, I probably don't even like your site and I have no desire to help you get more hits! Second, I don't care if you can help me get more hits, remember?? Comment: NO THE PIN ISN'T THERE IT'S AT THE DOCK!!! Answer: Dude, this post was from 1996!!! Er---2007! 2008! I don't know what year it is from---BUT YOU SHOULD!! The date is right on the post!!! RIGHT THERE!! Do you know the months? The days of the week? Jeez! Comment: http://cppvideos.blogspot.com http://cppvideos.blogspot.com http://cppvideos.blogspot.com http://cppvideos.blogspot.com http://cppvideos.blogspot.com http://cppvideos.blogspot.com Answer: *Presses delete button. Comment: WHAT IS THIS @#%$? I $%#@%#& HATE THIS $&#@!!! $&@# THIS ALL! Answer: *Presses delete button. Comment: Hey, I *censored*. You *censored again*. Wanna *censored a third time*? Answer: "AAAAAAH!!!" *presses delete button. Well, that's basically it. Hopefully you understand what the rules are based on these made up examples.


I, Tomtwelve, have decided that hacking is wrong. Therefore, nothing that teaches you how to hack will be posted on this site. The Club Penguin team has banned many owners of blogs because the blogs are obvious evidence of hacking. And now, Club Penguin is not unbanning anyone. Much of this is for my own safety (I don't want to get banned!), but I'm giving you some advice: DON'T HACK, ESPECIALLY IS YOU'RE GOING TO START A CLUB PENGUIN BLOG. Hacking is criminal!

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About Tomtwelve

Tomtwelve joined Club Penguin over 1000 days ago, and soon became a member. During the summer, Tomtwelve discovered a software called Hypercam, and immediately started to use it to make Club Penguin videos. One of the first was Club Penguin War, and it became one of the most popular videos of all time. Tomtwelve soon uploaded a lot more. Eventually, he started a "company," called Club Penguin Player's Videos. He made a blog with that title, and starting blogging about the videos. He also decided to do a bunch of stuff about Club Penguin secrets and news. The blog grew slowly though, as shown by a hit counter counting the views. Soon, in 2007, the Club Penguin Dojo was formed, and CPPV stopped giving secrets. There was no way that both sites could do that. Also, Tomtwelve started uploading videos to Youtube instead of Google. More people saw the videos, especially one called "The Greatest Crime Ever." In summer 2007, he joined the Army of Club Penguin, and discovered where to go if he wanted to make another Club Penguin War movie: The Mammoth server. (Although, he never did, nor will he ever). As Fall approached, Tomtwelve continued to fight wars. He no longer had time for videos. But at the end of the year, Tomtwelve decided that he would get a video up on the 23rd, his last day of school. But instead of just a single video, he started a new epic series called "Twelve Heroes." Now, he is working on this movie, and the remaining parts will be up soon... or so he told you. As of now, Tomtwelve does, once again, not have enough time for movies. He's not going to let the remaining parts of Twelve Heroes just sit there! They will come!! Another event that happened in the summer of 2008 was that Tomtwelve was nominated to be the leader of ACP. This was no victory for Tomtwelve, but this did get him higher ranks. Now it's 2009, the year of awesomeness. Tomtwelve's Club Penguin life... well, sorta continues.

About Artichen

Artichen's typing skills give us very short posts. And also, very few posts. He isn't actually much help to the site, so few know about him. Where the real fame he has comes from is the multiple appearances he's had in Tomtwelve's videos, including Penguins Attacked 4 and 5. He is the one in Tomtwelve's music video of Makes Me Wonder that said, "Break it down," and also hit Tomtwelve on the head with drumsticks. His most recent appearance is in Twelve Heroes, where he plays the part of the Mountain Hero. Tomtwelve's quest to find him was not very hard. Another thing about Artichen: he likes cheese.

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